Load controller dynamically in AngularJS

If you are using routing in AngularJS then It’s very important to load controller dynamically. Otherwise, you have to load all controllers at the beginning which is not efficient.

We can load controller dynamically by resolve attribute of $routeProvider
.when function. Please have a look on sample code. Surely, You will understand that.

var app = angular.module ('hw',['ngRoute','ngResource']);
app.config(['$routeProvider', '$controllerProvider', function($routeProvider, $controllerProvider) {
app.registerCtrl = $controllerProvider.register;

function loadcontroller(controllerSubPath){
$.getScript("scripts/controllers/" + controllerSubPath + ".js").done(function( script, textStatus ) {
}).fail(function( jqxhr, settings, exception ) {
console.log( exception );

.when('/Rights',{templateUrl:'views/Right/search.html', controller:'SearchRightController', resolve: { load: function () {loadcontroller("right/searchRightController");}}})
redirectTo: '/'

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