netBeans cvs in ubuntu

Huh! It has taken lot of time from me. After two days experimentation, I have checked-out project from remote repository using CVS. Now, I am describing ..

In ubuntu, first you have to install netBeans. For installing netbeans you have to download Then just write following command to install netBeans in your ubuntu.


After that, you have to collect or generate private key for your machine. Which will help you to connect with cvs by your cvs account. Now, you have to install putty in ubuntu using following command

 sudo apt-get install putty

After installing putty you will access plink for as a agent which will help netBeans to connect with cvs. For test you can put following command on your terminal

plink -i /home/palash/.ssh/private_key userid@cvs_server

Then you will be connected with cvs via plink using terminal. Now, netBeans tern.
Open the netBeans IDE in ubuntu. Select following from the main menue

Team >> CVS >> Checkout
CVS root: :ext:userid@cvs_server:/your_path
select Use External Shell radio button and write
Shell Command : plink

And click the next button. And see what will happen. I think you will connect your netbeans with cvs repository.


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