How to pass parameter from JSPX to XSLT

Passing parameter from jspx to xslt is following
The first thing is we have to set parameter from jspx. You can use the following code in your jspx code where you are using the code to transfomation.

<x:transform xml="${youXML}" xslt="${yourXSLT}" >
   <x:param name="param" value="${param.yourParam}" />
   <x:param name="getServerName" value="http://${pageContext.request.serverName}" />

Also you can pass server information by parameter. It is very important because you have no way to get server information in xslt. So, You have to need any time any pupose.

So, now we can see how we get the parameters in xslt page. Here is the code

<xsl:param name="getServerName">
<xsl:param name="param">

Now how to use this parameter. Yes, you can follow this

<xsl:value-of select="$param" />

If you are in problem to access the parameter. please feel free to discuss with me.


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